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MLMF - City League of Minor Football in Martin is a local football contest that has been running since 1985 and this CLMF embraces all fans of minor football in Martin city district. The history of CLMF has been started to be written by following 10 teams on 9th and 10th of November 1985: Real Jadran, NFC Rafanda, MFC Fatra, C.F.A.Tajovskeho, Cierna Pani, FC Ajax Zaba, Kalapos Vrutky, Divadlo Priekopa, Michigan a Sever 53. The first historical victory of this CLMF went to team REAL JADRAN.


After the successful zero trial annual set this contest got extended by two additional teams, that had made their number to be 12 and second league was established, being followed by third league introduction. In the time of greatest blossom of minor football in city Martin, there were 46 teams playing in three leagues. Eventually that number of teams started to decline until it reached actual number of 23 teams playing in two leagues.


The unofficial history of MLMF started to be written even much more earlier then 1985. It had started back in the day when almost every neighbourhood, almost every single block of flats had its own footbal field and these circumstances gave a rise to many football fans teams, which under many different names started to fight their first battle either in a form of friendly matches or in a form of tournaments which were direct precursors of nowadays organized regular competition.


In the scope of CLMF more then 100 teams introduced themselves and their respective jersey had been worn by more then 5 000 sportsmen. Until this moment 11 teams might have enjoyed their title of unofficial champion of Martin district in minor football and medal positions have been achieved by 26 teams so far. More then 10 000 football matches have been already played in all leagues and number of goals already exceeded number 100 000. The teams from our league also took part in many tournaments in Slovak and Czech Republics and they also participated in Slovak Championship in minor football.

This football competition has celebrated a great jubilee in 2014 - 30th season of city league in minor football!


New teams which would like to register for city league, please contact MLMF management by e-mail


Basic features of competition :

  • number of players on the field 5+1
  • minimum number of players 4+1
  • playing time 2 x 35 min
  • minimum age to play - 16 years
  • players base - approximately 350 members
  • 1.league - school playfield with artificial lawn with the size of handball playground
  • 2.league - concrete school playfield with the size of handball playground
  • the rules applied combine minor football, indoor football and rules of standard football
  • the matches are being played over the weekends from April till June and from August till November
  • playing system spring - autumn


  otvorenie_ihriska2014.JPG, 69kB

  ihrisko15_10_2014_37_720px.JPG, 320kB

playground 15. october 2014.

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playground 15. october 2014.

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playground 8. october 2014

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playground 8. october 2014

ihrisko8augusta2014.jpg, 176kB

playground 8. august 2014

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playground 18. july 2014

ihrisko18jula2014.jpg, 150kB

playground 18. july 2014

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Medal location 1. MLMF after years of.

# Rok Gold Silver Bronze
1. 1985 Jadran Rafanda Vrutky
2. 1986 Rafanda Kosuty Ladoven
3. 1987 Rafanda C.F.A.T. Ladoven
4. 1988 Jadran Rafanda Sever
5. 1989 Rafanda Jordan Divadlo
6. 1990 Jordan Fuxo Magátka
7. 1991 Jordan Rafanda Fatra
8. 1992 Divadlo Fatra Rafanda
9. 1993 Rafanda Jordan FC Citron
10. 1994 Jordan Rafanda Fuxo
11. 1995 FC Citron Jordan Rafanda
12. 1996 FC Citron Jordan Capy
13. 1997 Jordan FC Citron N.P.S.
14. 1998 Sunny Jordan FC Citron
15. 1999 FC Citron Sunny Nádej
16. 2000 FC Citron Nadej Capy
17. 2001 FC Citron Nadej Capy
18. 2002 Baska FC Citron Bomex
19. 2003 FC Citron Baska Capy
20. 2004 Brama Kdf FC Citron Bomex
21. 2005 Baska FC Citron Arcadia 07
22. 2006 FC Citron Arcadia 07 Schwer Fittings
23. 2007 Arcadia 07 FC Citron Brama Kdf
24. 2008 Arcadia 07 FC Citron Zel
25. 2009 Brama Kdf Jordan FC Citron
26. 2010 Acab Zel Jordán
27. 2011 FC Citron Acab Capy
28. 2012 Acab Antrax FC Citron
29. 2013 FC Citron Acab Capy
30. 2014 FC Citron Zel Edson
31. 2015 Bambariaci FC Citron Zel


Účastníci 31. ročníka MLMF 2015

  • 1. liga
  1.  Acab
  2.  Bambariaci
  3.  Capy
  4.  Castel Franco
  5.  Edson
  6.  FC CCM Citron
  7.  Flava
  8.  Jordan
  9.  K 2
  10. Orto-protetika
  11. Sparta
  12. SPV
  13. Vartiak-Roma
  14. Zel
  • 2. liga
  1.  AC Karak
  2.  Blarak
  3.  Eagles
  4.  Expendables
  5.  GaboTeam
  6.  Hltaci Ohna
  7.  Red Bulls
  8.  Skaleš
  9.  T - klub

Mužstvo Veterans ukončilo činnosť, pribudli mužstvá Blarak, Expendables, GaboTeam, Red Bulls !